Monti v. Roads and Maritime Services – NSW Land and Environment Court Proceedings (2019) NSWLEC 11

Client: Roads and Maritime Services

Discipline: Corporate Advisory – Expert Witness

Date: February 2019

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) engaged Darren Herdman of InSitu Advisory to act as an Expert Witness, providing evidence in respect to a quarry resource compulsorily acquired for the purposes of the Pacific Highway upgrade.

Monti, the quarry owners, appealed the compensation initially offered by RMS to the NSW Land and Environment Court (LEC) for the resource and land compulsorily acquired. Darren Herdman provided evidence during the proceedings in respect to the quality of the quarry resource sterilised and its market potential.

The LEC found in favour of Darren Herdman’s evidence in that the Monti’s quarry resource was not of a suitable quality and quantity to provide large volumes of DGB20 specified roadbase materials.